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With having a shortage of teachers, increasing teachers’ pay will attract more teachers to our schools. Too many teachers have to buy supplies out of their own pockets for students to have the necessary education. Another issue is children not having the means to have a free meal in school, too many children are going hungry and lack of food leads to lack of energy for the child to function in school and receive a proper education. (Read More)

Air quality

Is an issue that I feel strong about; using fossil fuels causes air pollution, which can cause damage to crops and the health of farm animals. We need to adopt the practice of solar energy to increase air quality. (Read More)

Equal pay for women

 Too many women are being under paid for the work they put forth in the workforce and don’t receive the recognition they deserve.

Employers cannot discriminate against female workers by paying them less wages than their male counterparts who work in the same establishment performing similar work, but they do.   Utah continues to lack a standalone equal pay law. Instead, women workers must rely on the Utah Antidiscrimination Act. Utah continues to receive the designation as one of the “worst states for women” and the state with the second-highest gender pay gap in the country. Female workers earn 70.2 cents for every dollar earned by males. Utah is one of the last states and the only Rocky Mountain West state without an equal pay law.

If an employee feels they have been discriminated against over pay, they have to file a complaint with the Labor Commission within 180 days of the incident.  The employee has to rely on the Labor Commission to see the complaint through instead of hiring an attorney and taking it to civil court. Given this, Utah has one of the weakest regulatory frameworks for addressing the gender pay disparities.

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